News from Around the Tech World

There’s a lot going on with cloud vendors lately and the face of all internet technology is changing faster than most can keep up with.  That is why we are helping online radio services, online television services and other emerging technologies to manage their pace.  Managed hosting services are one way in which we have been able to make a difference.  By connecting our software development apps to managed hosting services, we are now able to give our clients the fastest way to store their data in a safe and protected safesource environment.

Technical requirements for making videos has recently been updated because of the increase in available digital recording technology.  Most digital video manufacturers are now only releasing cameras that use HD 1080 technology because of the competition from smartphone video cameras.  This has cause an increase in pricing for these cameras in the market, but more serious videographers are willing to pay a premium to stay in line with the technical requirements for making youtube videos.  While lower quality videos are still permitted on some sites, websites such as Vimeo may no longer accept below 720 in the next few years.  This will most likely also be the case for other popular video sites such as YouTube.

As the technical requirements for making game videos increase, it may decrease the amount of low quality video that has made its way onto the internet.  However, it may also, in some ways exclude citizens of poorer countries from submitting their video material.  That is one of the reasons that some of the new video websites are keeping their video standards the same and still accepting non-HD footage.  These sites may become more popular with countries that are outside the United States like Italy, but may not be able to last without the shear numbers of users that the US delivers to websites of this nature.

Lowered technical requirements for making videos will only continue to propagate the low quality videos that appear on the net.  However, limiting those from other countries that might not have access to the higher end equipment, will also cause a big stir and may end up shutting down some of the more popular sites.  Thusly, professional gaming video websites will become more of a trend and their submission requirements will be much higher than those for YouTube are presently.