About Us

About Catalyticinc

Software design tools for apps and the changing technology of online television is what we are geared for.  We continually work with emerging technology and create interfaces for end-users to help in their project management and design projects.  We are also currently working on interfacing with emerging cloud technology such as cloud pal, cloudlink, cloud money and more. Our services have been used by some of the top names in several industries from Hepa technologies, Vacmaster, JustinTV and most recently we have worked on several applications used to create some of the best gaming software around.

Apps Design

Apps design has become a trending topic recently and we are looking for your input as well.  Let us know how cloud services and project management are changing the way that you run your business, get your news from around the world or even have changed the way that you watch TV.  We want to use your input to create a better development suite for you and our future customers.